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Modelling related sites.

HyperScale   Probably the best modelling related site on the web with a great discussion forum and reference sections.

Aircraft Resource Center   Another top modelling site with great walk-around articles.

Quarter Warbirds in Scale    A site dedicated to all things 1/48

GekkographicsA new, Australian, Decal manufacturer with some outstanding Kiwi A-4 decal sheets. Also some more Kiwi Skyhawk photo references.

Perth Millitary Modelling Society    Another great, Australian Based Modelling site. Check out the reference pages too.

Australian Millitary Aviation related sites.

ADF SERIALSAn excellent database of Airframe Histories for Australian Aircraft and Australian Aviation in general. Excellent Links page for Australian related sites too.

Personal Plug :-) (Aircraft Articles I have done on Hyperscale).

RAAF Macchis. part 1

RAAF Macchis. part 2

RAAF Macchis. part 3

RAAF Hawk 127s. part 1

RAAF Hawk 127s. part 2

RAAF Hawk 127s. part 3

RAAF Hawk 127s. part 4

RAAF Hawk 127s. part 5

E-Groups. Specialised, web based news groups.
You may need to register to enter these e-groups but the people you "meet", the information available and the images posted there are all *very* well worth it.

skyhawk study group

F4s Forever


Modern Jets

Century series

1/72 US millitary aircraft

Commonwealth and RAF Aircraft



Aircraft Pages and other cool sites.

JASDF F4EJ Page  An *outstanding* site dedicated to the F-4EJ Phantom. It's a little difficult to navigate as it is in Japanese but it is worth the trouble.  To go straight to the photos listings (by serial number) go to  F4EJ Pictures index  The links page is also well worth "playing"with. It is the second last button on the list on the left.

JASDF Nose-Art page   A collection of nose art seen on modern Japanese aircraft at various air combat meets.

 F-4 Phantom Society   Phantom Society home page.

A-4 Skyhawk Society    Skyhawk Society home page.

 F4s website   A great collection of British F-4 images and others. The F-4 listing (by serial number) is here.

Aerophoto International   A huge collection of aircraft photos from various Canadian airshows, open days and exercises. Many different nationalities and types are to be found here.

NATO Tigers Website   Dedicated to all things Tiger Sqn related.

Thunder-and-Lightnings   All the Classic British Jets.

M.A.T.S.   Great F-14 site. Lots of photos and information.  *The* F-111 website.

Kiwi Aircraft Images    A great collection of aviation images from the "Land of the Long White Cloud", especially Skyhawks.

The A-4 Alley     Another great collection of Kiwi aviation images from an ex-A-4 Fixer.

Hazers Air Force    A great selection of Canadian Air Force images as well as others. Check out the "Special" F-18 pages!

Unnofficial Singapore Air Force Homepage   Good reference site for the RSAF.

Photos from Iceland    A great collection of Aviation Photography from Baldur Sveinsson in ICELAND

Jens Jensen's Personal site A great collection of personal photos of aircraft from around Europe. A marvellous site full of high quality aviation photography from around the world.