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Things of particular interest in this area:
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1/    The heavy (mushroom headed) riveting and fasteners around the whole tail end, along the trailing edge of the horizontal tails, and the trailing edge of the rudder. (Photo 4, Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 9, Photo 10, Photo 13, Photo 14, Photo 15)

2/    There is a thin, flat strip which runs up the entire trailing edge of the rudder. (Photo 3, Photo 13, Photo 14, Photo 15)

3/    The static wicks on the rudder aren't all mounted on the same side. (Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3)

4/    When the aircraft is shut down, the tail plane rests leading edge up. (Photo 4, Photo 5, Photo 11)

5/    The leading edges of the vertical and horizontal tail surfaces have a clear protective tape on them. (Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 5, Photo 11)

6/    The speed brake has a distinct gap between it and the strakes next to it, as well as two small "lips" along it's edges. (Photo 9, Photo 10)

7/    Note the mounting of two rubber stoppers underneath the parachute door and the rear navigation light. (Photo 6, Photo 7, Photo 8)

8/    There is an airflow guide vane fitted in front of the horizontal tails (both sides). (Photo 6, Photo 11, Photo 12)

9/    There is a horizontal line applied to the fuselage immediately in front of the tail plane leading edge and a corresponding line on the tail plane. This is on the left side only. They are counter shaded to the background colour and, therefore, may differ in colour from jet to jet. (Even to being "half and half"). (Photo 11)

10/   There is a distinct gap between the tail planes and the fuselage, except around mid chord where they pass through the fuselage. (It is a one piece tail plane). (Photo 13, Photo 14, Photo 15)

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Used with the permission of BAE SYSTEMS and the RAAF
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