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Hawk 127 LIF

Part Eight - A27-16 & A27-21, 
(76 and  79 Squadron Special Scheme Hawks) 
Photo Gallery 

Text and Photos by Darren Mottram

In late 2002 I approached 76 Squadron with the suggestion of applying a high visibility scheme to one of it's new Hawks to enhance the visibility of the aircraft, 76 squadron and the RAAF at the many airshows at which the Hawks were beginning to appear for flight and aerobatic demonstrations. In particular, the then approaching Avalon International Air Show. Just before Avalon, in Febrary 2003, the decision was made to apply one of the schemes I had submitted to A27-16. Owing to time constraints, the scheme was not fully applied as intended but, I hope, still makes a colourful change to the more usual grey colours seen on today's millitary aircraft.

In 2003 79 Squadron took the opportunity to celebrate their 60th anniversary by applying a special paint scheme to BAE Hawk 127, A27-21.

The scheme was designed by Jeremy Caesar and painted by Scott Miles and incorporates various elements from the unit's past. The tail marking represents a stylized Phoenix and Cobra, both of which have been used by the unit on it's aircraft over the years. And the codes on the forward fuselage represent those which were worn on the Commanding Officer's Spitfire during the Second World War (79's sqn code was "UP").

Being based at Pearce in Western Australia (several thousand Kilometres away) I was resigned to never getting to see this one in the flesh. But 79 Squadron recently took this aircraft on a "tour" to show it off and also to highlight the anniversary to those who may not have been aware of the occasion. 

Luckily Williamtown was on the list of stop-overs and I was finally able to get the opportunity to see and photograph this little known and rarely seen scheme (see  http://motty.hobbyvista.com/Articles/hawkdm_21-01.html for a detailed coverage of this jet).

Having the only two specially painted Hawks in the RAAF together at the same base was too good a chance to miss (and very likely the only time this will happen, considering the distances that normally separate them) so the opportunity was taken to position the two jets together for a special photo shoot. I was extremely lucky enough to be able to take part in this shoot and would like to share the results with you here.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the members of 76 and 79 Squadrons, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and BAE SYSTEMS  for giving me the permission and opportunity  to be able to share this information with you all.

Photo Gallery
Motty's-Hawk-A27-16&21-012-001.jpg Motty's-Hawk-A27-16&21-001-001.jpg Motty's-Hawk-A27-16&21-015-001.jpg Motty's-Hawk-A27-16&21-008-001.jpg

My thanks to the members of 76 Squadron and the crews from 79 Squadron for allowing me the opportunity to take these photos.

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Text and Images Copyright © 2003 by Darren Mottram
Used with the permission of BAE SYSTEMS and the RAAF
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