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11 March 2005     Added pre-release details of our upcoming book on the RAAF Mirage IIIO.

13 December 2003     Added Walk around and detail photos of 79 Sqn Anniversary scheme on Hawk 127 LIF A27-21, 76 and 79 special scheme Hawks photo shoot and 79 Sqn colours and markings articles to Hawk Articles page. Also updated Hawk Walk Around pages.

24 September 2003     Added in-flight, walkaround and detail photos of the 76 Squadron Air Display scheme on Hawk 127 LIF A27-16 to Hawk Articles page.

13 May 2003    Once again it's been too long between updates. My appologies.
    It may have been a long wait but I hope you will find it worth it. It is a large update with some very interesting additions thanks to the kindness of both new and previous contributors. Firstly I'd like to welcome new contributors Neill Groves with his lovely collection of RAAF Mirages and RAAF Phantoms, Kerry Ross with more RAAF Phantoms and some USAF PACAF Phantoms, Greg Andrew with RAAF Mirages, Paul Mason with RAAF Mirages and Kiwi Skyhawks, Paul Farrell with RAAF Mirages, Kiwi Skyhawks and PACAF Phantoms, Antoney Wilkinson with RAAF Mirages,Steve Westerby with a HUGE and detailed Kiwi Skyhawk walk around and Dick Hails with RAAF Mirages.

I have also added to the collections of previous contributors, Mike Robertson (RAAF Mirages, Kiwi, Singaporean and Aussie Skyhawks and PACAF Phantoms), "Turtle"(RAAF Mirages, Kiwi Skyhawks and PACAF Phantoms), Chris Priestly (PACAF Phantoms), Brian O'Rourke (RAAF Mirages, Kiwi Skyhawks and PACAF Phantoms), Wayne Brown (PACAF Phantoms) and Ray Plekker (Singaporean and Kiwi Skyhawks)

My thanks once again to all of these guys who have so very kindly allowed me to share their photographs with you.

I have also taken the opportunity to add a page of links to the modelling related articles I have done for Hyperscale on the RAAF's BAE Hawk 127.

So there have been some marvellous additions to a lot of different areas of the site. It may take a while but please take the time to check them out. There is some great stuff in there. I hope you enjoy it.

24 August 2002     It's been longer in between updates than I would have liked, thanks to a hard drive failure a couple of months ago which meant I had to rescan some of the material I was planning on using next, as well as trying to rebuild and recover a lot of the other files I had lost. Thanks to everyone who so kindly helped out with that situation too.
    In this update I'd like to welcome some more new contributors, namely Duane Kaiser for his gorgeous QF-4 Phantoms and Walter Civitico and Bob Irvine for their RAAF Mirages. Thanks very much guys for allowing me to share your great photos.
    I have also added some of Laurie Hillier's photos in the Mirage gallery, added the Iroquois and Kiowa galleries in the Helicopter index with photos from Mike Robertson, Brian O'Rourke and Myself and added some new photos of mine to the Blackhawk gallery.

03 April 2002    First update after creating the site. Added the HELICOPTER Gallery. I'm pleased to welcome and thank new contributers Brian O'Rourke, Ray Plekker and Mike Robertson. Added new LINKS and upgraded various pages.